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Will IPTV start decaying, while still enjoying a high level of glory? I couldn’t help wondering, whether IPTV should be worried of the arrival of the newest Over-the-Top TV concept?

In a popular media such as TV, where most of us have witnessed its journey of fame, a new revolution is coming, which is about to change our daily lives forever. It is no longer important where you are, when you want to watch your TV. The history of having only one TV per home is now being rewritten. TV can now be delivered to your PC or your smart phone. And while operators are shaking, content providers are celebrating. Most of home users probably still haven’t heard of this new arrival, but Beesmart has already added the Over-the-Top technology to its offering.

Over-the-Top technology is easily implemented together with all the other Beesmart services. For existing customers, it comes as a straightforward upgrade of the Beesmart platform. With this addition, BeeSmart is an interesting solution for any kind of TV operator and content provider around the world. Beesmart supports Over-the-Top technology for Video on Demand and Live TV services. Services can be offered anywhere in the world where internet is available. Having your own network is no longer a pre-condition for supplying TV services to your customers. The number of channels which can be provided is not limited, since the picture quality adapts to the available bandwidth. Beesmart’s Over-the-top technology is now available on set-top-boxes, PCs and smart phones.

Although both of the technologies IPTV and Over-the-Top TV seem to be competitive among each other, we have managed to implement them in a way so that each of them benefits from the other one. IPTV brings interactivity to Over-the-Top TV, while Over-the-Top TV brings mobility to IPTV.

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