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Invitel started in 2015 with the upgrade to Beenius version 4.2. The upgrade will be concluded in Q1 of 2016 when Invite’s subscribers will have the chance to experience the upgraded feature of Local PVR which improves user experience of the selected content recordings. The new Beenius version 4.2 also presents new feature set called T-Commerce. T-Commerce is a flexible content packing system where different types of purchasable items/content can be stored, such as Live TV channels and pay-per-view shows, Transaction VOD, Subscription VOD, Advertisement supportet VOD, Network PVR Quota, Personal Recordings time span, and BeeStore apps. With powerful Operations and Business Support Systems API Invitel can offer content in a variety of business models. Beenius version 4.2 also gives Invitel possibility to quickly create Mobile OTT services as add on to the existing services.

Invitel an important service provider in Hungary, introduced a LPVR service, powered by the Beenius TV platform already in 2008, to satisfy customers and their need to watch Live TV shows on demand. The cooperation between Beenius and Invitel is successful from 2008 and will be strong also in the future.

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