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The Croatian operator Iskon presented new way of watching television.

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The agile telecom Iskon Internet, owned by the incumbent Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT), has been the first to provide the Croatian users with new way of watching television, via Beenius Recommendation Dashboard. All the users that have opted for Iskon.TV will be able to avoid the exhausting TV channel surfing. The Beenius Recommendation Dashboard enable viewers upon simply pressing the number 0 key on the remote control to reach the favorite programmes or the programmes that viewers may yet grow fond of in a very simple way, as well as all the programmes that were broadcast on one of a hundred-odd national and international TV channels within the past seven days.

“The new Iskon.TV is intelligent, personalised, and entirely adapted to the modern user who is no longer satisfied with the linear way of watching TV programmes. Younger generations of users perceive it as outdated and opt for platforms that enable home screen personalisation, recommendations, and content search. New Iskon.TV currently works like YouTube or similar online services, yet it is even smarter, since you do not have to "like" anything in order to comprehensively inform it of your preferences. I dare say it is of a considerably higher quality if the available content is considered”, stated Krešimir Madunović, CEO in Iskon.

The new Iskon.TV is the result of co-operation with partners Beenius and Think Analytics, the global big data leader which provided Iskon with a smart algorithm for TV search and recommendation engine.

“Beenius is our long lasting partner and we are working together since the beginning of Iskon TV. Our cooperation is successful since the day one, which is why we decided to joined forces with Beenius also for the project of offering viewers new ways of watching TV. We decided for Recommendation Dashboard as we strive to offer novelties and advanced TV services to Croatian market. We always challenge ourselves to offer our viewers simple, transparent, smart and personal viewing that grew from linear TV to advanced TV viewing. We are looking forward to work together with Beenius on the projects that will yet to come.” Stated Krešimir Madunović, CEO in Iskon

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