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A consortium of 13 ISPs choose to enhance their interactive TV offerings.

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MultTV, a consortium consisting of 13 ISPs in Brazil, chose to upgrade its shared headend with the Beenius Interactive TV Platform, which enables a multi-operator system with value-added video services. MultTV benefits from the integration with Verimatrix for content and revenue security that supports the wholesale/retail distribution model and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elemental for its on-premises encoding capabilities. 

For this project, Beenius, Verimatrix and AWS equipped MultTV with a platform that supports interoperability with value-added services such as recommendations, targeted TV advertising, Android TV, advanced OTT functionalities, and seamless end-to-end encryption – all of which will facilitate additional future offerings and decrease time-to-market of any service for different MultTV operators. 

Beenius utilized the existing E2E IPTV system with Linux set-top boxes (STBs) and enabled MultTV to add new Android-based STBs that are providing additional value, with both devices being managed from the same (Beenius Interactive TV Platform) platform for multiple operators. 

“We were searching for a new Interactive TV Middleware that would be able to accommodate all the needs of modern TV viewers and also provide support for the multi-operator environment. For us, multi-operator support is crucial as MultTV is not an ordinary TV service provider, but a wholesale service provider to many ISPs in the Brazilian market. We choose Beenius because it is a company with more than a decade of experience, an extensive list of technical partners, and satisfied customers worldwide. On top of their headquarter support, Beenius also has a local team in Brazil, that is fast and easily accessible. I see Beenius as a partner and not as a technology provider.” – Luiz Gewers – Technical Director at MultTV

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