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Unitel LLC is a Mongolian Corporate Group of information technology companies headquartered at Central Tower in downtown Ulan Bator, Mongolia. It was founded on December 23, 2005, as BSB consortium as GSM mobile phone operator and began operations on June 26, 2006. As a provider of mobile telephone services, Unitel is the second largest company in terms of subscriber base and 14th largest company in Mongolia as measured by a composite of revenues, profits, assets and taxes.

Unitel also provides broadband subscription television services through Univision. In 2009, Unitel launched its 3G network on HSDPA 2100 MHz. Unitel network covers approximately 88% of a total population of Mongolia. In November 2010, Unitel declared that it had become a 100% indigenous company (i.e., Mongolian shareowners bought all shares from the Korean side). The major shareholder of the company is MCS Holdings, Mongolian largest privately held organization.


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In 2016 Unitel Corporation LLC successfully completed the replacement of the former middleware vendor with the Beenius Unified TV Platform. Beenius implemented successful migration to the Beenius solution, integrated Edgeware for VOD, and concluded the integration on STBs. Since embarking on cooperation with Beenius, Unitel has grown from a challenger to the primary IPTV provider in the country. UNITEL leverages Beenius advertising features, which enable the promotion of the operators and third-party services and products.

In 2018 Beenius delivered a new UX on Android AOSP client for Android-based STBs. This way, Unitel was able to keep its leading market position and even increased market growth in Mongolia to this day.

In 2021 Beenius helped Univision with the upgrade of the Edgeware IPTV system and extension of current capacities.

During the whole period of cooperation from 2016 till today, Beenius provided updates to the existing ecosystem and required extensions on all elements of the IPTV ecosystem. Also, introducing local requirements and new functionalities helped Unitel keep stable growth and competitive position in the market.

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That UNITEL made the right decision with the replacement was apparent already at the beginning of the cooperation, when Beenius offered outstanding support, novel features such as Promotion Screen and T-Commerce, as well as the superlative flexibility of the Unified TV Platform.

2016 – Mr. Ganbold Ravjin, CEO at UNITEL

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Introduction of new Beenius UX on Android AOSP Client for Android STBs.


Upgrade of the Edgeware IPTV system and extension of current capacities.

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