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The never-ending battle Android TV vs AOSP

The never-ending battle: Android TV vs. AOSP

Everybody in this industry knows what AOSP or ATV stands for. The Industry Trend Paper will not yet again analyze the differences, but rather, examine the specific functionalities and the way they function within AOSP or Android TV setting.

IBC365 Interview with Filip Remškar, CEO Beenius

IBC365 Interview with Filip Remškar, CEO at Beenius

IBC365 editors have been talking to our CEO, Filip Remškar, about the main technology drivers for the business, advertising evolution, benefits of Beenius solution for operators, and more. Click here & find our more in the interview!

IBC 2018 Interview - Filip Remškar, CEO Beenius

How can we help you? Filip Remškar, Beenius CEO

At IBC 2018, Advanced Television reporter Mr. Nick Snow interviewed Beenius CEO, Mr. Filip Remškar. If you are Googling for Android TV Operator Tier, Middleware replacement or Advertising, you must see the interview.

HbbTV OpApp vs Android TV Operator Tier

Infographic: HbbTV OpApp vs Android TV Operator Tier

HbbTV OpApps and Android TV Operator Tier are two cutting-edge technologies available for TV Operators to deploy interactive broadband-based services. Which one to choose depends on a variety of aspects, therefore we have made a head-to-head comparison between them. Download the free infographic and find out.

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Android TV is taking over the STB market

By the end of 2019, there will be almost no countries in Europe without an Operator Tier Android TV installation and almost 100 million Android TV boxes will be shipped.