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Planning an IPTV or OTT project? Get the needed data!

When planning the IPTV or OTT project the following questions need to be answered: What is the time window for your Catch-up TV service? What is the size of personal storage for user recordings in hours? Do you know how much bandwidth the IPTV stream uses? What is the required bandwidth for IPTV with OTT […]

It’s time to calculate your storage space!

Based on the increased interest in the Bandwidth Calculator from numerous operators we have upgraded it to Storage Calculator. Operators are now able to calculate bandwidth, as well as storage based on a few details such as project type, a number of subscribers, the time window for your Catch-up TV service, the size of personal […]

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Calculate your Bandwidth

Do you know what is a required bandwidth when planning IPTV or OTT projects? We have prepared a simple to use Bandwidth Calculator, that will help you with your IPTV and/or OTT projects! All you need to do is select project type and the number of subscribers. The Bandwidth Calculator Results are based on parameters […]