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Industry Trend Paper COVID-19

At this very moment, you are probably watching TV or reading the news on your phone, right?

The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is widespread and will likely shape business and consumer behaviour for months to come. It’s inevitable that social distancing, quarantining, and staying home will have a significant effect on media consumption. Download our Industry Trend paper and learn what researchers have to say about TV consumption in times of crisis.

IPTV Market by 2025

IPTV Market by 2025

The IPTV market value in 2019 was at USD 40.85 billion, and it is growing to USD 104.25 billion by 2025, predictions show.

The never-ending battle Android TV vs AOSP

The never-ending battle: Android TV vs. AOSP

Everybody in this industry knows what AOSP or ATV stands for. The Industry Trend Paper will not yet again analyze the differences, but rather, examine the specific functionalities and the way they function within AOSP or Android TV setting.

OMG! We have a Problem

Support cases come in many flavors. Download the ‘’The Life Cycle of a Support Ticket’’ paper, and learn about the process of opening a ticket and requirements for successfully resolving it.

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Beenius in Prensario internacional

Prensario International is the leading magazine and a web platform for PayTV industry in Latin America. In their last monthly publication they prepared a report from the NexTV Summit in Argentina, the most important South American Conference summit. At the conference Beenius team presented Beenius Interactive TV solution to the Latin America Markets together with […]

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Next big step for cable

Times when linear TV offering was enough in Cable industry are long gone. Today you first need to modernize your offerings and offer them in bundles if you want to stay attractive to your customers and grow. Ben Keen the Vice President of Consumer, Media, Telecoms & Displays nicely said on one of his latest […]

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Big US cable operators and SVOD providers join forces

Big cable operators in the US have entered into a new stage of relationship with SVOD providers. They went from we will do anything to stop you to I guess we can`t stop you so let’s start cooperating. Cablevision has announced that they will be offering HBO Now service to its customers with no TV […]

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T-Mobile will let you stream Netflix and HBO for free

This week we have entered a new era of enjoying TV content on the go. According to T-Mobile, their new feature called “Binge On” will let subscribers stream video content from 24 different streaming video services without using up their data. Yes, this means viewers will be able to enjoy some of their favorite content […]