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Content as a service - Infographics

Beenius offers content as a service – Infographics

Operators are struggling with troublesome content integration issues when all they want and should do is provide premium content to their viewers at anytime, anyplace on any device.

What about the upgrade of their OTT solution with enjoyable content delivered to the viewers by the content owner?

The Beenius Interactive TV Platform enables operators to add thousands of most viewed content to the platform without the operational costs! They do not need to worry about downloading, processing, or transcoding to ABR anymore.
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Android TV Demystified infographic

Infographic: Android TV demystified

Beenius presents the new infographic Android TV Demystified. For all of you who were wondering which are the most suitable Android devices for TV watching, you were questioning what is the difference between Android STB or Android TV STB or you were just looking for the complete TV solution, Beenius has the answer! The Android […]

Infographic: OTT solution for TV operators

Infographic: OTT solution for TV operators

Today the internet offers so many different information about OTT solution but still, there is no easy way to decide whether OTT should form part of operators extended offer or not. In order to help operators with their decision we have prepared an infographics which in a simple way presents the difference between traditional Pay-TV […]

Infographic: T-commerce

Infographic T-commerce for service providers

After getting such encouraging feedback for our T-commerce module at TV Connect 2015 we decided to make an infographic to show what T-commerce is and what it brings to service providers. Interested? Follow the link!

Infographic: You told us at IBC 2014

You told us at IBC 2014 (INFOGRAPHIC)

If you remember, beenius had daily questions “on the doors” at IBC 2014. Visitors could answers to each question if they agree with the statement or not. Here are results!

We Live in the Global Living Room

We live in the global living room

Only a few years ago we discussed blockbuster movies during commercials. How can we share our opinions about TV content today?