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Netflix exceeds high expectations

We all know Netflix. And most of us consume Netflix content on daily basis.
How that reflects to the growth in their subscribers is elaborated in our new Beenius Indiustry News. read it today!

Streaming in time of COVID-19

Streaming in Times of COVID-19

The world has become more digitally connected than ever before. TV consumption has become a perfect solution to the isolation that people have to go through because of the Coronavirus. This global trend has led to unprecedented growth in online streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube. Read more…

Video Streaming

Can the Internet keep up with the drastic increase in Video Streaming?

With the social isolation because of COVID-19, people are at home, working from home and getting their education online. All this drastically increased video streaming, which represents one of the most significant strains on the web infrastructure. Can the internet keep up with the drastic increase in video streaming?

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Behavior on mobile is different

What has Netflix to say about watching video on mobile devices – any differentiations between first and second screen? The end of February was full of news from Mobile World Congress. For us the very important information was from Scott Meyer, VP of the Netflix’s device partner ecosystem, that most of their users are still […]

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Big US cable operators and SVOD providers join forces

Big cable operators in the US have entered into a new stage of relationship with SVOD providers. They went from we will do anything to stop you to I guess we can`t stop you so let’s start cooperating. Cablevision has announced that they will be offering HBO Now service to its customers with no TV […]