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The rise of SVOD

”For better or worse, the growth of video-on-demand has irreversibly changed the face of modern broadcast. As recently as a decade ago cable TV was in its prime, and gathering around the living room television to watch ‘live’ content was a regular occurrence. These habits are now changing. Fueled by a combination of readily […]

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Are subscribers abandoning your Cable TV packages?

According to Jon Broadkin article in Arstechnica top pay-TV operators which are representing 95% of the US market, lost 665,00 subscribers in Q2 2016. They report that this is more than double the losses from 2 years ago. But there are also exception, like major TV service DirecTV, it has gained new subscribers, the whole […]

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From Peru to Argentina – Beenius interactive TV platform presented to Latin America

Year: 2016 Market: OTT Product: Beenius Interactive TV Platform version 4.2 Mexican operator Gobo is a wholesale operator who is reselling service to Mexican IPSs. At Gobo they were looking for flexible middleware which would enable services across converging multi-device and multi-network environments (such as billing, technical support, performance monitoring and reporting to the subscriber) […]