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The adlergic epidemic is on the rise! Or is it?

Beenius enables Pay-TV operators to lower their churn and monetize on 90% of the population who does not seem to mind the ads enough to attempt to avoid them. Read the Deloitte prediction on adlergice population for 2018!

Infographic: Android vs Linux STBs

Infographic – Android vs. Linux STBs

Today operators are facing a tough decision when deciding on suitable STB for their business and their clients. Although in the Pay TV market, Linux has been dominating the STB business for ages, the Android STBs has its advantages as they empower operators with faster time market and more future proofed applications. Beenius has prepared […]

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Where are all the lost pay TV subscribers gone?

Let’s see some numbers In 2016, there were 95.7 million pay TV subscribers in the U.S. and the source projected that the figure would fall to 90.7 million in 2022. Where are all the subscribers heading to? As Simon Murray, Principal Analyst at Digital TV Research, explained: Some analog cable subscribers will give up paying […]

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Webinar: OTT with Android STB? A Buzzword or a new Mainstream

Webinar: OTT with Android STB? A buzzword or a new mainstream? Date: Thursday, 6th of April 2017 Time: 15:00 (CEST) Ljubljana/Europe Registration: Please register to secure your place When it comes to Pay TV market, Linux has been dominating the STB business for ages. However, the Android STBs empowers operators with faster time market […]

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Cord-shaving trend on the rise

Statistics of watching Live TV in the year 2016 demonstrated that viewers watch a relatively small percent of the television networks available to them, but that over the years, both channels available and channels viewed have increased. Nielsen stated that channels receivable have started to decrease somewhat, as a result of lower multichannel penetration and cord-shaving. […]

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India’s TV consumer

India’s consumer story will be shaped by its 440mn Millennials and 390mn Gen Z (born after 2000) stated Goldman Sachs in June 2016. With over 460 million internet users, India is the second largest online market as of June 2016, ranked only behind China. By 2021, there will be about 635.8 million internet users in […]

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How to escalate as an operator on Asian market-key findings

Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platforms are new to the region. Operators are still building awareness to sign up users to a trial plan before eventually converting them to paid subscriptions, says MPA’s latest report. The report covers markets of Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Most Asian markets are in the first turns […]

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Importance of user statistic for operators

Understanding TV Consumer The 500 channel universe of yesterday could shortly become the 1 million-channel universe of tomorrow, due to the increase of content providers. The content from online video providers like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Amazon has been embraced by consumers rapidly. With the rise of tablets, smartphones, video-games consoles and other mobile video […]

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Middle East & Africa’s forecast is set to rise

The news of today are filed with articles about Middle East and Africa’s forecast in the Pay-TV segment. According to the Digital TV research services in the Middle East and Africa will register a 67% increase in subscriptions between 2015 and 2021, with subscriber revenues forecast to climb from US$7.95 billion to $11.47 billion. Digital TV […]

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Beenius interactive TV platform integrated with harmonic VOS 360 Cloud service

Beenius integrated solution complements VOS™ 360 cloud media processing service to create a turn-key solution for pay TV and internet TV operators. Beenius, the developer of an Interactive TV Platform for operators in heterogeneous environments, and Harmonic, the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure, today announced the integration of the Harmonic VOS™ 360 cloud media […]