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Creating infinite synergies with Beenius platform 8

With Beenius Platform 8 we are forming synergies between 8 different segments that are representing Beenius Platform 8: Trustworthiness, Coherency, Security, Personalization, Simplicity, Recommendation, Monetization and Growth. Each segment embodies value-added features and present advantages for TV operators to become Viewers’ First Choice.

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Fling or cast… How do you call it?

According to the Consumer Technology Association, 88% of millennials are engaged in second-screen behaviours when watching video content. While watching video content, 1/2 of online Americans surveyed said they use second screens via another device such as a smartphone or tablet to augment first screen content to access information about the content they’re viewing (50%), […]

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Meet with Beenius at CABSAT 2016

The 22nd edition of CABSAT – the leading platform for the broadcast, production, content delivery, digital media and satellite sectors across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) – will continue to represent disruptive innovation and monetisation opportunities across the MENA filmed & audio entertainment media market. From 8th till 10th of March Beenius […]

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Multi-operator support

Are you a successful service provider who is looking for IPTV/OTT platform which would enable you to rent out the use of Middleware Platform to other virtual operators? At Beenius we offer you IPTV/OTT platform as a service (PaaS) through which you can host multiple virtual service providers – virtual operators and this way expand […]

New version 4. 2 of Beenius TV platform is launched!

Beenius is proud to announce new version 4.2 of the Beenius TV platform. Built with the vision of becoming viewers’ first choice, our latest version offers customers an advanced solution, representing the optimum competitive advantage for their business. New version 4.2 of the Beesmart product line includes following products: Beenius Server, Beenius Ekioh STB […]