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What is the future of EPG?

EPG or electronic program guides are with us for decades. Although the look of the EPG has undergone quite the evolution, the core purpose is still the same. EPG displays broadcast programming or scheduling information for current and upcoming programming and updates a viewer with information about the program. Brett Sappington, a senior analyst at […]

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Beenius in Prensario internacional

Prensario International is the leading magazine and a web platform for PayTV industry in Latin America. In their last monthly publication they prepared a report from the NexTV Summit in Argentina, the most important South American Conference summit. At the conference Beenius team presented Beenius Interactive TV solution to the Latin America Markets together with […]

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Big data, analytics and TV

With IPTV came Catch-up TV and with OTT came TV Everywhere. Therefore, the viewers can watch their favourite TV shows anytime, anywhere on any device. We could say that viewing habits had change and that we almost can’t draw a line between the Live TV and On-Demand. Because of the overflow of numerous TV channels […]

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Video recommendations: Don’t wait for another 10 years

As you may have heard, within the next 10 years recommendation-based program guides will ultimately drive 75% of all TV viewing, (The Diffusion Group (TDG) reported recently). But why wait for next 10 years to offer the best TV experience and to become viewers’ first choice? The Beenius Platform today enables you to recommend TV […]

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Searching for the best user interface

Cable and telco companies have recommendation system and TV search as crucial part of EPG upgrade plans. Veveo survey found out that search functionality is much more important to users than recommendation system.