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Streaming in time of COVID-19

Streaming in Times of COVID-19

The world has become more digitally connected than ever before. TV consumption has become a perfect solution to the isolation that people have to go through because of the Coronavirus. This global trend has led to unprecedented growth in online streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube. Read more…

The Evolution of Premium Video Advertising

The evolution of Premium Video Advertising

In Q1 2018, 50% of ad views were consumed on the big screen (OTT and STB VOD combined). Read the article regarding the evolution of premium video advertising and learn how viewers are consuming ads.

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Where are all the lost pay TV subscribers gone?

Let’s see some numbers In 2016, there were 95.7 million pay TV subscribers in the U.S. and the source projected that the figure would fall to 90.7 million in 2022. Where are all the subscribers heading to? As Simon Murray, Principal Analyst at Digital TV Research, explained: Some analog cable subscribers will give up paying […]

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OTT makes the world go round

Watching television has changed from being traditionally social activity to slowly becoming an individual pursuit, as more television content is being watched on laptops, smartphones and tablets. But today, 20% of OTT devices of U.S. households are connected to a big screen TV and allowing viewer to watch TV content via dedicated aps from a […]

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Why is important to understand

The US Hispanic population is fairly diverse based on home country, length of time and number of generations in the US, age, geographic disparity, and family-makeup differences. Meanwhile, 62% of Hispanic consumers today are born in the US; their behaviours and consumption patterns vary significantly from those born outside the US. (PWC research Always connected […]

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Twitter TV ratings (by Nielsen)

As we wrote in our previously blog post that Twitter and TV viewing are connected, Nielsen launched Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings – the measure of the total activity and reach of TV-related conversation on Twitter.