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Rio 2016, the opportunity for operators to allure new viewers

All sports fans out there, Rio 2016 will take you closer to the action, turning athletes and fans into content producers and transforming the experience of watching the Games with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Besides enabling new levels of interaction with athletes, social media companies are discovering, that their […]

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Behavior on mobile is different

What has Netflix to say about watching video on mobile devices – any differentiations between first and second screen? The end of February was full of news from Mobile World Congress. For us the very important information was from Scott Meyer, VP of the Netflix’s device partner ecosystem, that most of their users are still […]

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New mobile version and retirement of v1 and v2

We are announcing retirement of v1 and v2 of our mobile applications, with End of Sales dating at 30.3.2015 and End of Life at 30.5.2015. If you are interested in our new mobile application, contact us.

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Interactive TV advertising – The shift to second screens

Beenius presents a White Paper on Interactive TV Advertising. Download full version and get to know more about Interactive TV Advertising – The Shift to Second Screens. TV is still the first choice for advertisers to reach their target groups of audiences and to build brand awareness. Its audio-visual format is especially suitable for creating […]

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Viewing patterns

Video viewing patterns on OTT and on traditional TV set are very similar.