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Android TV is taking over the STB market

By the end of 2019, there will be almost no countries in Europe without an Operator Tier Android TV installation and almost 100 million Android TV boxes will be shipped.

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Beenius recommendation dashboard

The Beenius Interactive TV Platform presents Beenius Recommendation Dashboard on the Linux STB Application. It is made based on the content oriented TV approach, enabling viewers to have the best TV experience and operators to benefit from lower churn rate. The recommendation dashboard helps viewers find personalized content, and at the same time boosts content […]

Infographic: Android vs Linux STBs

Infographic – Android vs. Linux STBs

Today operators are facing a tough decision when deciding on suitable STB for their business and their clients. Although in the Pay TV market, Linux has been dominating the STB business for ages, the Android STBs has its advantages as they empower operators with faster time market and more future proofed applications. Beenius has prepared […]

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Webinar: OTT with Android STB? A Buzzword or a new Mainstream

Webinar: OTT with Android STB? A buzzword or a new mainstream? Date: Thursday, 6th of April 2017 Time: 15:00 (CEST) Ljubljana/Europe Registration: Please register to secure your place When it comes to Pay TV market, Linux has been dominating the STB business for ages. However, the Android STBs empowers operators with faster time market […]

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Infomir & Beenius CSTB Moscow

The CSTB.Telecom&Media Exhibition and Forum is fast approaching. From 7th till 9th of February Moscow Beenius partner Infomir will present Beenius Interactive TV platform on MAG254 Set-top-box at their stand. Infomir, the manufacturer of MAG series IPTV/OTT set-top boxes, annually participates in the main TV and telecom exhibitions all around the world. Company’s rich exhibiting […]

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From Peru to Argentina – Beenius interactive TV platform presented to Latin America

Year: 2016 Market: OTT Product: Beenius Interactive TV Platform version 4.2 Mexican operator Gobo is a wholesale operator who is reselling service to Mexican IPSs. At Gobo they were looking for flexible middleware which would enable services across converging multi-device and multi-network environments (such as billing, technical support, performance monitoring and reporting to the subscriber) […]

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Going with the new solutions – Infomir and Beenius

Our partner Infomir, posted an article about their new solution with our Beesmart Interactive TV middleware. You can visit Beenius’s and Infomir’s stands and see popular MAG series set-top boxes how are completely compatible with the Beenius Middleware.

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Internet STBs are replacements

Internet STBs (iSTBs) are the potential replacement of the standard STBs for more than half of consumers, says TGD report.