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You need a Media Systems Integrator. Now!

This short video explains how important is to work with a System integrator and why the cooperation with value added partners, is crucial for operators today.

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Is TV still the number one choice for viewing TV?

Do you remember times when all family gathered in the living room at a certain time and gazed at a 50-inch black and white box? Since it was first invented, TV technology came a long way. Not just with the large flat TV screens, but also more and more viewers are watching their favorite movies […]

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Middle East & Africa’s forecast is set to rise

The news of today are filed with articles about Middle East and Africa’s forecast in the Pay-TV segment. According to the Digital TV research services in the Middle East and Africa will register a 67% increase in subscriptions between 2015 and 2021, with subscriber revenues forecast to climb from US$7.95 billion to $11.47 billion. Digital TV […]

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Bundles…why not offer TV as well?!

Traditional telecommunication and cable television networks provided the first wave of bundled offers, which included triple-play services (telephony, data and pay-television services). This was followed by the emergence of quadruple-play offers, as wireless broadband networks enabled operators to add mobility to the previous services as well as a range of new services (e.g. navigation). As […]

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Go with Turnkey solution

IPTV evolution has re-focused Middleware vendors towards complete design of turnkey or End2End solutions, providing system integration to connect all the solution components with the middleware in the middle. If wondering what turnkey brings in the IPTV industry, you are more than welcome to stay with me and read this blog. Beenius professional engineers support […]