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HbbTV OpApp vs Android TV Operator Tier

Infographic: HbbTV OpApp vs Android TV Operator Tier

HbbTV OpApps and Android TV Operator Tier are two cutting-edge technologies available for TV Operators to deploy interactive broadband-based services. Which one to choose depends on a variety of aspects, therefore we have made a head-to-head comparison between them. Download the free infographic and find out.

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Meet Stefan Niesen at convergence India 2018

The exhibition demonstrating the convergence of technologies in Telecom, IT, Broadcast and Digital media sectors, will be held from 7 – 9 March in New Delhi. Are you looking for an Interactive TV Platform? Book a meeting ahead and meet with our VP Sales, Stefan Niesen, in India!

Planning an IPTV or OTT project? Get the needed data!

When planning the IPTV or OTT project the following questions need to be answered: What is the time window for your Catch-up TV service? What is the size of personal storage for user recordings in hours? Do you know how much bandwidth the IPTV stream uses? What is the required bandwidth for IPTV with OTT […]

It’s time to calculate your storage space!

Based on the increased interest in the Bandwidth Calculator from numerous operators we have upgraded it to Storage Calculator. Operators are now able to calculate bandwidth, as well as storage based on a few details such as project type, a number of subscribers, the time window for your Catch-up TV service, the size of personal […]