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The future of OTT

The Future of OTT

Consumers are getting new and exciting ways of tuning in to their favorite video content across different categories ranging from sports, movies, news, and to much more. Undoubtedly, the unprecedented growth in technology has made sure that content viewing does not remain as it has been conventionally. Read Beenius post on the future of OTT for more insights about the topic.

Beenius Interview - Marko Lukšič

People will never forget, how you made them feel

Beenius is proud of having the key accounts for more than ten years. You will find the answer in an interview with “Mr. Marko Lukšič, VP Sales Key Account: “Beenius main focus is customer satisfaction since customers are Beenius´ most valuable asset.”

Beenius Interview - Martin Žorž, Sales Manager at Beenius

Free of charge TV content with no borders

“The major breakthrough in the IPTV/OTT industry is coming in fully personalized free of charge TV content where there are no borders” explains Martin Žorž Sales Manager at Beenius. See what Martin Žorž, Sales Manager at Beenius thinks about TV business models in the future and stay tuned for his special invitation at the end of the interview!

The formula for a successful partnership

The formula for a successful partnership

Beenius presents video interview with Mr. Luka Liebere, Business Development Managaer explaining what it takes in IPTV/OTT industry to form a successful and fruitful partnership.