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FOM: Content Provisioning System

Today we present Feature of the Month: Content Provisioning System in cooperation with our partner Qualabs. Download the document today and learn how to automate the VOD ingest process effortlessly.

OTT as a Strategy

Approaching OTT as a Strategy

Nowadays Operators’ challenges Operators nowadays are facing many challenges, the biggest one being the churn rate.  The question imposes, what churn rate can they expect

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Different AVMSD rules for broadcasters, VOD and UGC providers

In the past month, news about Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) and the latest changes that will affect all Broadcasters and User-generated content providers in the EU, have spread throughout media. The idea of the Directive is to achieve a balance between competitiveness and consumer protection, on and off the Internet. In this blog, we have summed up […]

The future of TV

The future of TV

According to Mediaguru the vision of television 2020 is all about: personalized technology, on-demand viewer experience, individuated content distribution, binge-watching, small television shows and independent cinema, innovative television formats, more localized and vernacular content, ad-free models to targeted ads, everyone connected to a smart TV… and we couldn’t agree more. With introduction of disruptive business […]

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How to escalate as an operator on Asian market-key findings

Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platforms are new to the region. Operators are still building awareness to sign up users to a trial plan before eventually converting them to paid subscriptions, says MPA’s latest report. The report covers markets of Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Most Asian markets are in the first turns […]

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Films and TV series in Europe leading among VOD services

According to MAVISE – the European Audiovisual Observatory’s free access TV and VoD database Pay on demand services specialized in film and TV fiction account for 2/3 of all pay-on demand services in Europe, compared with only 14% of TV channels.

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Live TV, only for sport channels?

We could all agree with Nielsen statement about the growing influence of streaming video on-demand (SVOD) services, time-shifting and social media on the landscape of linear TV and the way people watch their favorite shows. With Beenius Interactive TV platfrom we enable operators to become Viewers’ First Choice, by providing desired content to your viewer […]

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Big data, analytics and TV

With IPTV came Catch-up TV and with OTT came TV Everywhere. Therefore, the viewers can watch their favourite TV shows anytime, anywhere on any device. We could say that viewing habits had change and that we almost can’t draw a line between the Live TV and On-Demand. Because of the overflow of numerous TV channels […]

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Today IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) or OTT (Over the Top) solutions are essential for service providers if they want to offer the best possible TV experience to their customers. IPTV and OTT solutions differentiate in business model, quality of service, content, ownership and also cost, all of which affect the operators’ business. At Beenius we […]

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Different VoD libaries on one platform

According to the report, The development of the European market for on-demand audiovisual services prepared by European Audiovisual Observatory in March 2015 the genres of VoD service which are the most established in EU countries are VoD Film services (41% of the total of VoD services), VoD TV fiction (13%) and VoD Generalist (11%). Service […]