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Different VoD libaries on one platform

According to the report, The development of the European market for on-demand audiovisual services prepared by European Audiovisual Observatory in March 2015 the genres of VoD service which are the most established in EU countries are VoD Film services (41% of the total of VoD services), VoD TV fiction (13%) and VoD Generalist (11%). Service […]

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Increasing consumer demand for VOD subscription

The continued adoption of smart devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and other, pushed market valuation to $4.7 billion. The number of SVOD subscribers exceeds 66 million worldwide.

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Video viewing analyze in US

According to research by Nielsen, the ways how viewers access OTT applications trends to differ significantly.

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TV middleware is hot again!

In 2012, middleware market grew 11 percent. The bulk of that growth came from developments in “guide software, metadata, and technologies underlying DVR and VOD“.