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How does Targeted TV Advertising work?

Targeted TV Advertising  (or Addressable TV) is data driven next generation advertising concept. It boosts operators brand positioning with its consumer segmentation and at the same time helps brands build premium awareness and loyalty.

Targeted TV advertising with so called server side ad insertionsor dynamic ad insertions, helps boost brand positioning with customer segmentation. Because it is data driven, it means that it takes into consideration demographic factors, from age, gender to education, so they can get better campaign results and optimize budgets.

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The multiple data sources and deep analysis of data provide relevant TV audience clusters, from which both Operators and Advertisers can take advantage. Broadcasters and TV operators can improve the user experience of their viewers, tap into new revenue streams as well as cut on channel switching during the ads.

The Addressable TV boosts viewers attentiveness and engagement, enhances ad conversion rates and improves purchase intent which any TV operator can promote as value added to the advertisers or Ad agencies. 

Additional Revenue

Targeted TV advertising with client side ad insertions can unleash additional revenue from selling advertising space inside the user interface, which is not breaching any content provider’s legal requirements. The TV operator can decide to start first presenting ads for cross-sell campaigns, and due to viewers analytics and results can unleash additional revenue from selling advertising space to other AD agencies. This advertising concept enables operators to differentiate between demographic types of TV audience and deliver personalized ads to specific segments.

Why Targeted TV Advertising?

TV advertising never played a big role in TV operators’ strategy. Till now.

With the evolution of technology and TV services going more into digital environment, TV operators gained a new opportunity for a totally new revenue stream while the viewers’ experience is not tied to linear one-way communication only.

TV operators are sitting on a huge field of viewers data and inventory, and why not utilize it?

Targeting Options

Audience targeting based on different variables

Geolocation - icon

Geo location

Device information

Frequency capping

CRM & other operator
- owned data

Advertising clusters and personas - icon

Advertising clusters
& personas

Advertising formats

We support different advertising formats on IPTV, OTT and DVB Hybrid .

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