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Ljubljana, July 2011 – Beenius, the progressive interactive TV middleware provider for service operators, in cooperation with RedBull Media House, is proud to announce a lucky draw event at IBC 2011 where the contestants will compete to win a valuable TV starter kit sponsored by the aforementioned companies.

Starting or upgrading a TV service is a challenging business. The success depends on having the right mix of technology, content and market intelligence. While the last ingredient is usually in the domain of a service operator, the first two are offered separately by various companies in the software and media business.

Beenius and RedBull Media House decided to simplify the process of finding the right combination of partners and prepared a TV Starter Kit, which contains the latest Beesmart platform for a 1000 subscribers and a package of high quality video content produced by RedBull Media House.

Both companies will organize a lucky draw event at IBC 2011, where the contestants will compete to win the TV Starter Kit, which is valued at 33.000 EUR. The draw will be held at Beesmart booth no. 281 Lucky winner will take home the prize which will enable an immediate TV service rollout. For more information on the event and how to enter the competition please visit http://www.beesmart.tv/index.php?t=events&id=1&l=en.

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